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Irish coffee classic recipe

Irish coffee classic recipe
You will need:
  • brown sugar - 1 teaspoon,
  • finely ground coffee beans - 1 teaspoon,
  • whiskey (Irish of course) - 30 ml
  • water - 70 ml, and
  • whipped cream - for decoration.
how to make irish coffee

To make it:
  1. The espresso coffee machine or to cook using the Turks prepared from the specified amount of coffee and water, Turkish coffee.
  2. Irish-glass warms. To do this while you can hold it under running hot water, and then wipe dry, or use the corresponding function of the coffee maker.
  3. In a glass pour sugar.
  4. Pour the hot coffee and whiskey, leaving room for a glass of whipped cream. Thoroughly mix, sugar should dissolve completely.
  5. On the surface of the coffee spread whipped cream. They not only improve the taste of the drink, but also allow him to stay longer hot. Stir not necessary.
  6. Irish Coffee is ready. Try!

The story of irish coffee is amazing. Creator of this drink is considered to Joseph Sheridan, a chef of the restaurant, located in the Irish international airport "Shannon." It was Joseph who came from the United States warmed passengers treated them with coffee and whiskey. When the guests from America asked how the name of this coffee, he replied that it was Irish coffee. Under this name the drink is now known throughout the world.

What is in an irish coffee? The idea to add in coffee, alcohol is not new. For example, a coffee drink called Armenian brandy, if you add in coffee set, we obtain a Pharisee, and Irish coffee - it is nothing like coffee with the addition of whiskey, decorated with a cap of whipped cream. It is preparing the drink we do today.

A modern variation of Irish coffee is somewhat different from the one proposed by Joseph, serves not drink cups and coffee cups transparent high on the leg, known as the Irish. However, in memory of the creator of the legendary drink every year on July 19 in Foynes celebrate Irish coffee at the ceremony there baristas from around the world to compete in the art of the creation of Irish Coffee.

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