Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tropical Christmas Themed Interiors and Decors

Christmas is the longest and well-celebrated holiday of the year in the Philippines. When “ber” months come, which starts September, Filipinos begins to play the Christmas carols and decorate their homes with Christmas lights, Christmas trees, parol and other decors.

Tropical Christmas Themed Interiors and Decors, since majority of the population of the country celebrates Christmas, it is typical to see well-decorated homes and establishments during this part of the year.

If you are in the mood of decorating your space for it to look more festive yet still having that slight tropical touch, I found some Christmas themed interiors and decoration for inspiration.

You can hang and decorate your living room with some rattan string lights. It brings warmth to your space and gives that simple tropical Christmas look. These are lovely on your Christmas tree too.

Ornament your room and your Christmas tree with rattan stars. These are something you don't get to see every nightNicely tie some red ribbons with that floral and pine cones into your wicker rattan chairs and placed some red poinsettia on your table. Red brightens a neutral colored scheme and brings that Christmas spirit into your home.How about surrounding yourself with some reindeers?
These holiday rattan reindeer planters make wonderful tabletop.Or you can have this tropical white Christmas inspired tabletop.
Hang this rattan wreath at the door or wall to charm your guests.
Let your creative juices flow and feel the spirit of the season while decorating your home.

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