Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tips To Learn Spanish Quickly

Whether you have a trip planned for Barcelona, are planning a cruise to Cancun or you just want to find a higher paying, bilingual job, there are several ways to learn Spanish quickly.

Books, videos and instructional CDs all work hand in hand to learn Spanish fast. At any used bookstore or library, you can find introductory textbooks or instructional books that will teach you the basics, quickly. Even if the book is one that is supposed to teach you how to learn Spanish for kids, don’t be afraid to use it too. CDs and videos are great learning tools because they take the words you’ve been learning in books and give you the correct pronunciation.

Online classes often utilize Spanish learning software, giving you more opportunities on how to learn Spanish fast. The software programs make the language learning process easier, so that adults and children alike can learn the language quickly and easily. However, the classes alone will not do it all for you. You have to have self discipline and a commitment to learning. You need to practice what you learn daily, constantly sounding out the words, listening to Spanish music, watching Spanish television shows and interacting with those who speak the native language. Don’t worry about making mistakes, simply try. Those who speak the language already are typically happy to help you.


When learning Spanish, you get free permission to listen in to Spanish speaking people’s conversations. When you hear them talking around you, listen in and decipher what you can. Jot down words that you don’t understand and look them up later. When you visit a Mexican restaurant, try out your new found words and see if you’re saying them correctly. The key to learn Spanish fast is to constantly be practicing your words. Use note cards like you did in school, teaching yourself vocabulary daily. Constantly using the words will keep them fresh on your mind. Watch a favorite movie in Spanish. This way, you know the words in English, but will hear them like new when it’s all in Spanish.

Take A Trip

Perhaps your ultimate goal was a trip anyways, but if not, take a trip to a Spanish speaking country and immerse yourself in the culture and sound of the language. By being forced to learn the language, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to pick it up. Keep your translator dictionary close by and copy what and how you hear others say things.

By following these tips, you will learn spanish quickly and speaking Spanish in no time flat.

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