Thursday, January 14, 2016

Choosing the right Spanish Learning Product

Now that I’ve decided on the language I’m going to learn and I’m totally motivated to start, now what?

Google and Amazon will show thousands of products, books, cds, dvds, online guides and even vacations in Mexico to totally submerse you into the Spanish language.

There is no way I can check out every single product and review it. I will try and review the products I do have experience with or give my impression of what I do think about a product and why I chose it or why I didn’t.

What I need is something that is totally audio. Something I can play on my ipod while I’m driving or walking. If there’s a study guide involved, I may still use it, but my primary way of learning is going to be from the audio.
Rocket Spanish

Has plenty of audio along with a computer game and reference materials. I wanted something that was pure audio for when I was driving or walking. And the trial lessons sounded too “touristy” for me. And they sounded really simple, almost too easy.
Learning Spanish Like Crazy

I did choose this one after listening to the audio and video free trial lessons. This is strictly audio with the lesson in transcripts if you need them. There are a few video lessons, but the core lessons are 30 minutes of audio.
Pimsleur FSI

The samples I’ve heard were B-O-R-I-N-G. I’m sure it’s a great and it works, but I need to stay awake while I’m driving. Plus I can’t read along with the workbooks that come with it while driving or walking.

Between all of the different levels and names of FSI, Pimsleur, Platiquemos, I was a little confused about which one was which. That could have been just me though.

I’m sure this is a great course from all of the testomials and reviews around the web and especially since it’s the FSI course redone and remastered from the old FSI course, but from the free samples it was hard to tell, plus it’s more expensive then Rocket or Learning Like Crazy. Rocket and Crazy come with user forums for support and Platiquemos and FSI doesn’t as far as I can tell.

I think those are the major players. There are several smaller programs available but I needed one that would be for more than just travelers and tourists. Plus I wanted something that had advanced levels and support. Both Rocket and LSLC have forums for support plus, both have a Level2 and LSLC is coming out with a Level3 soon.

One more honorable mention:
Synergy Spanish

Claims all you need is 138 words to be conversational. Sounds like one of those too good to be true offers. With 68 lessons about 10 minutes each, plus a guidebook and 90 email support, it may not be all bad. I may still have my wife get that one since she doesn’t want to be fluent, just enough to get by at work. Learn How to Swear in Spanish

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